Majuli district, almost 480 Sq. Km area is a flood plain of river Brahmaputra. Majority of its area is protected against flood inundation  by four embankment system. Two Brahmaputra dykes , One from Tekeliphuta to Kamalabari and the other from Kamalabari to Gowalgaon are giving safe guard to Majuli against flood inundation. Another two embankment systems one from Jengraimukh to Pokajora for a length of 19.383 Km and the other from Balichapori to Charigharia for a length of 13.20 Km are giving safe guard to Majuli against flood of Subansiri river. Total length of flood embankment in Majuli is 116.433 Km.


Total length of embankment:-

                                                            1. Brahmaputra Dyke     :- 83.857 Km

                                                            2. Subansiri Dyke             :- 32.583 Km

                                    Total :-116.440 Km


As on today 90% of the crest of the embankments in Majuli have been converted to black topped.


In comparison with the health of the embankment of Majuli five years back, the health of embankment of Majuli as on today are far better. Some vulnerable reaches are detected and will be completed all precautionary measures before monsoon season and keeping strict vigil at all vulnerable locations for upcoming flood season.


Majuli W. R. Division implementing 2 RIDF-XXVI, 1 SOPD-G, 14 SOPD-FDR and 7 SDRF schemes which will completed after flood.

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