District Employment Exchange

Last Updated on: April 06, 2022
  • Employment Exchange

    Employment Exchange is a program that offers assistance to job seekers. It allows unemployed educated youth residing in different States to pre-register for an impending job vacancies occurring in different sectors of that State. It also has a service where registered job seekers can check their status on the job waiting-list online, search for suitable jobs and update their resume. Employers on the other hand can post their vacancies with these exchanges and choose from among the registered candidates as per their requirements. The employment Service is in the concurrent list of the constitute of India, the policies ,standards and procedures are entrusted to the government to control day to day functioning of the employment exchange (Compulsory notification of vacancies) Act.1959 and came to force w.e.f. 1st May/1960. The duties of and functions of officers at different levels instructions and registrations of local people of the state Govt.schemes and timely submissions of different returns guideline on vocational guidance recruitment of vacancies, reservation of vacancies for SC,ST,OBC,MOBC & P/H. The applicant can apply for their registration to the District Employment Exchange on all working days except Govt. holidays. There is no registration fee. Employment Service is free of cost. If all the documents are in order, registration process is completed on the same day (maximum 3 days as per Assam Right to Public Service Act, 2012). The Employment Exchange in Assam works under the Labour and Employment Department which allows the youth to get registration for employment. It allows the youth employment on the basis of their qualification and experience. The Department of Employment may allow all the educated unemployed candidates who are the residence of Assam state, to pre-register themselves in the respective districts in Assam to get job opportunities in different sector of state. The official website of employment exchange in Assam also gives the opportunity to the registered candidates to check the status of registration and job details on waiting list. After registration of candidates, most of the Private companies post their vacancies in the employment exchange and select the suitable candidates among the registered candidates as per their requirement. All the employed and unemployed youth can also register themselves in employment exchange, Assam and various districts for better future. The Employment Offices in various states of India are in charge of the Employment exchange. The Department is functioning as per policies, standards and procedures laid down by the Central Government are embodied in the national Employment Service Manual (N.E.S.M). In addition to the policies and procedures contained in the N.E.S.M instruction are issued by the Government of India from time to time in the form of Employment Exchanges Minutes (E.E.M). Besides the state Government has also issued instructions from time to time for smooth and efficient running of Employment Exchanges of the State. Employment Service is jointly responsible of the Central Government and the State Government. The Central Government is responsible for lying down of the policies, standards and procedures, the state Government are instructed with the administrative Control and day to day functioning of the Employment Exchanges. The Employment Exchanges regularly registered local people of the State/ District as per N.E.S.M. guidelines.

    The benefit of being registered in the Employment Exchange are:-

    1. The candidate becomes a part of the live data of registration in the Employment Exchanges.
    2. The candidate is sponsored against notified vacancies as per his qualification, age, category, etc.
    3. Being a registered applicant, the candidate is eligible for sponsorship for trainings / coaching under different Govt. schemes
    4. The candidate is also eligible for career guidance for self-employment.

    Procedure for registration

    1. Please make sure you have all the necessary documents that are listed under the "Required Documents" section.
    2. Verification of documents done by designated public servants i.eADE/EO/AEO in concerned employment Exchanges.
    3. Candidates have to fill up the registration form that is obtained from the employment exchange.
    4. After entry into the registration book or teh system you would be provided an Issue of standard certificate i.e I-Card by concerned head of the Employment Exchange within 2 (two) days.

    Required Documents

    1. Proof of residence.
    2. Age proof certificate.
    3. Educational Qualification Certificate.
    4. Additional Qualification Certificate.
    5. Experience Certificate ( if any ).
    6. Caste Certificate.
    7. 3 copies of self-attested passport sized photograph.
    8. Aadhaar Card.