District Information and Public Relations Office

Last Updated on: July 30, 2022
  • District Information and Public Relations Office

    Directorate of Information & Public Relation, Assam, i.e. JANASANYOG ASSAM, has a well monitored network of departmental officers and staff spread across the District & Sub-divisional Head Quarters in the state. These District and Sub-Divisional Information and Public Relations Officers are entrusted to function as ear and voice of the Government in the field level. The Office of the District Information & Public Relations Officer, Majuli (i.e the erstwhile Office of the Sub-Divisional Information & Public Relations Officer, Majuli) is one of these filed offices of JANASANYOG Assam. The Office of the SDIPRO, Majuli was set up on the 1st December, 1979 and upgraded to a district level office on the 19th September, 2017. Presently, DIPRO, Majuli acts as the PRO of the District Administration, Majuli. This office also acts as the link between the Directorate of Information & Public Relations, Assam under I&PR Department of Government of Assam and the district administration. The DIPRO reports about the entire activities of the district which are the reasons for successful implementation of all the government policies and plans. It disseminates information to the local public through media and gathering feedback on the implementation of developmental programmes. As a field office of JANASANYOG, Assam, the Office of the DIPRO, Majuli frequently organizes various exercises to generate and mould public opinion in support of the policies of the Government through means of audio visual media etc. in Majuli. This office also runs a Fixed Loudspeaker System (FLS) at the district head quarter, i.e. Garamur, for broadcasting of official announcement needing immediate public attention and Assamese Regional News Bulletins of AIR, Guwahati daily (Morning & Evening). The Public Relations Department, Assam was established in June 1940 at Shillong, the then Capital of the State. It was named Publicity & Rural Development Department at the time of inception. In November 1997, the Government of Assam vide Notification No.AR31/ 97/2 Dated 1.11.97 created a new Department namely “Information &Public Relations Department” by bifurcating the existing Home Department and the new I&PR Department was made the Administrative Department for Directorate of Information & Public Relations . Consequent upon creation of the new Department, the Government of Assam vide Notification No., AR31/97/6 Dtd. 28.4.1998 also upgraded the Directorate of Information & Public Relations from a Level-II Directorate to a Level- I Directorate.

    Aims & objectives of the Office of the DIPRO, Majuli:

    1. Use Information, Education and Communication (IEC) technologies for dissemination of information about Plans, Policies and various Welfare Schemes and programmes of the Government through all means of Media.
    2. Use electronic media for awareness generation and social media for promoting communication between the people and the Government.
    3. Implementation of welfare schemes relating journalists.
    4. Promotion of feedback to the Government.
    5. Use of its multi-media systems for effective publicity of development and welfare programmes.
    6. Improving internal efficiency/Responsiveness/Service Delivery of Department.


    The Department of Information and Public Relations is entrusted with the job of informing and publicizing the plan, programmes and policies, activities and achievement of the Government by using different means of active publicity media for welfare of the public throughout the state. The main objective of the department is basically two fold, i.e., informing the public about the plan, policies and programmes of the Government on one hand and, on the other hand, keeping the Government informed of the people's reaction (feedback from the public) to its policies and programmes. The Department is instrumental in disseminating smooth and uninterrupted flow of information to the citizens including media and to promote regular feedback mechanism for the Government through the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) technologies. This Charter is a declaration of our mission, values and standards and our commitment to achieve excellence information and implementation of policies and procedure of this department for the benefit of the public at large. Our Services : We deliver services through Press releases, Advertisement in both print, electronic and outdoor media, Street plays, Publications, Cultural programmes, LED Billboard display (presently at Guwahati), Hoardings, Press Accreditation to Journalists, Medical aid to ailing Journalists, Announcement of Govt. messages through FLS, dissemination of information at grass root level etc.