PWD Roads

Last Updated on: July 30, 2022

Earlier, all the works related with the Public Works Road Deptt. Were executed by Jorhat Rural Road Division, Jorhat in Majuli till the declaration of the District of Majuli. As per Govt. order No.RBEB.138/2018/1 dtd. 06/06/2018 followed by another Govt. order no. RBEB.138/2018/6 dtd. 30/06/2018, the Jorhat AACP Division, Titabor was shifted to Garmur, Majuli renaming as Majuli Road Division, Garmur. Afterwards, as per Govt. notification No.RBEB.116/2019/pt-1/32 dtd. 06/11/2019, the Majuli Road Division, Garmur was created and renamed as Majuli District Territorial Road Division with HQ at Garmur and started its functioning w.e.f. 05/12/2019 with two Sub-Divisions as Majuli TR Sub Division-I& 1

The various developmental activities under the different schemes executing are as follows

PMGSY (2019-20)

Works executed for road length of 20.00 Km

PMGSY (2020-21)

Works executed for road length of 20.814 Km

(Out of 16 nos.RCC bridges, 12 nos. Completed)


Total road length =24.263 Km.

SOPD (G)(2018-19 & 2019-20)

Total road length =77.057 Km.

SOPD (G) (2020-21)

Total road length =20.21 Km.

Assam Darsan

Total road length =12.315 Km.

Signature Project

Total road length=6.00 Km.


(10 nos.RCC bridges)


2 nos.RCC bridges.


Total road length =11.20 Km


On going road length 10.974 Km.