Sri Sri Samaguri Satra


This satra is famous worldwide for its traditional Mask-making practices. Continued from more than Five Centuries now by successive generations, this satra even recently represented Assam in national platforms and brought glory to the state. Since antiquity the tradition of mask making has been traditionally carried out by the satras, the institutional centers of Vaishnavism. Masks are observed to have different forms and colours making them easily noticeable from the other characters of the bhaonas. These satras in Assam are religious schools where people of different caste, creed or community can join and practice the religion. Started by Srimanta Shankardevasatras became popular centers of education for religion, culture and lifestyle; and Vaishnism took a revolutionary turn among all sections of people. The masks of Samaguri satra, are renowned for their creativity in the art form. Samaguri satra was established in 1663 by Sri Sri Chakrapani, grandson of Srimanta Shankardeva. This art form has been passed down through generations of satriya bhakats (priests). This unique piece of art has been able to attract the interest of millions and has recently made its way to the British Museum for the same.